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Brushing, brushing ist's essential
Brushing, Brushing,Brushing
Its essential for the good health of your scalp and hair !

Brushing the hair stimulates and exfoliates the scalp, and at the same time removes impurities from the scalp. In doing this, you will introduce more blood flow and promote growth of the hair. In addition to distributing your natural oils from your scalp to your hair shaft, giving you shine and luster.!

Best way to brush is with head facing the floor brushing from the back to the front for
approximately 20 strokes.
Brushes that are highly recommend.

What is Keratin?
First things first, keratin is a major component of your hair, skin, and nails. It’s a vital protein that helps make up both the internal structure and the outer cuticle of your hair strands. When your hair experiences keratin loss, your strands are significantly more susceptible to breakage, fraying, and damage.
What Causes Keratin Loss?
Over time, exposure to heat styling, UV rays, and other natural elements like salt water and wind, can cause moderate to extreme keratin loss. Obviously, the more often you blow dry and heat style your hair without protecting or replenishing its keratin on a regular basis, the more severe the damage will be.  
What Do Keratin Products Do For Hair?
When you infuse your hair with a fresh dose of keratin, you can expect your hair to be softer, smoother, and less prone to frizz.
If you have brittle, damaged hair, keratin products can replenish and protect your hair’s natural keratin protein, thereby reversing some of the damage and preventing future breakage.
On top of all of that, keratin products have the ability to dramatically improve your hair’s elasticity, giving your hair a healthier, more youthful bounce.